Beth Chance, Ph. D. 

Department of Statistics 
California Polytechnic State University 
San Luis Obispo, CA 93407-0405



Faculty Office Building East 235


(805) 756-2961


(805) 756-2700


bchance at calpoly.edu


  Fall 2018 Course Links

Stat 414 - Multilevel and Mixed Modeling

Stat 513 - Applied Experimental Design and Regression Models

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Old Course Links

Stat 150 - Introduction to Statistical Investigations (Fall 2007 Course Web Page)
Stat 221 - Introduction to Probability and Statistics (Spring 2001 Course Web Page)
Stat 217 - Introduction to Statistical Concepts and Methods (Fall 2015 Course Web Page)
Stat 301 - Statistics I (Fall 2016 Course Web Page)

Stat 302 - Statistics II (Spring 2016 Course Web Page)

Stat 321 - Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists (Winter 2008 Course Web Page)
Stat 322 - Statistical Analysis for Engineers and Scientists (Winter 2007 Course Web Page)
Stat 324 - Applied Regression Analysis  (Fall 2017  Course Web Page)

Stat 410 - Teaching Statistics: Content, Pedagogy, Technology, and Assessment 

Stat 418 - Analysis of Cross Classified Data (Winter 2014 Course Web Page)

Stat 512 - Statistical Methods  (Fall 2005  Course Web Page)
Stat 513 - Statistical Methods  (Winter 2018  Course Web Page)

IME 301 - Introduction to Operations Research

Math 118/Stat 130 - Course I: Modelling   Course II: Problem Solving

Stat 212 - Statistics for the Sciences (St. Olaf)

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Section on Statistical Education webpage

Introduction to Statistical Investigations Information

Investigating Statistical Concepts, Applications, and Methods (3rd edition)

Workshop Statistics Information
Web ARTIST Project
Errata page for AP Statistics: Preparing for the Advanced Placement Examination

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