Stat 302 Statistics II


Chance Office Hours: Mon 2-3pm, Wed 9-10am, Thur 2-3, 8-9pm (chatroom), Fri 11-12pm

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Continued study of the process, concepts, and methods of statistical investigations, focusing on measures and tests of association including chi-square procedures, one-way ANOVA, two-way ANOVA, simple linear regression and, multiple regression. Students will gain  understanding of statistical concepts such as multiple comparisons, interactions, residual analysis, and power.

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Stat 301

Meeting Times (Winter, 2017)

Section 1: M,T,W,R, 12:10-1:00, Building 38, Room 123 ("Statistics Studio")
Section 2: M,T,W,R, 1:10-2:00, Building 38, Room 123 ("Statistics Studio")