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Welcome to the resource warehouse of CCAST! This website will be regularly updated to include downloadable classroom resources and links to various Internet resources (applets, the AP Statistics listserv, etc.).

We strongly encourage the sharing of resources. If you have a classroom handout or activity you would like to share, please e-mail an electronic copy to Matt Carlton. If you have found a website you think would be useful for your fellow statistics teachers, please e-mail us and let us know!

Downloadable classroom resources

UPDATED Some Truly Olympic Activities by Mary Mortlock & Matt Carlton

From NCTM 2009: Three handout sets plus bonus material. Students get practice on descriptive statistics (especially box plots), regression, and hypothesis testing. Great review material for the AP exam.

Area model for independent events by Jill Abercrombie

Get your students really thinking about probability and independent events with this Bingo-style activity. You can also download an annotated handout.

AP Statistics questions by chapter by Jared Derksen

Jared has updated his list to include the 2005 exam. It shows which AP free response questions correspond to which chapters in the Yates text. Also available in MS Word format.

Regression Olympics by Mary Mortlock

Results of the men's 1500m from the 1896 through 2000 Olympic Games gives students a good review of regression, including interpolation versus extrapolation and interpretation of the slope. Click here for the handout, data (.mtw format), data (.txt format).

Regression Inference by Matt Carlton

From the December 4 CCAST meeting: main concepts, teaching tips, exploring sampling variability, and an example (with solutions) all related to the topic of regression inference. The data for the example are here in text format and Minitab format.

Top 10 pieces of advice for taking the AP Stats Exam! by Mary Mortlock & Matt Carlton

New and improved, direct from Palm Springs 2004!

Words vs. Symbols by Mary Mortlock

This two-page handout reviews all the possible inequalities students might encounter, and how to handle them in the discrete and continuous cases.

Anscombe's Data (2 files: click here and here) by Marlys Brimmer

The famous Anscombe data sets show that correlation and least squares don't tell the complete story for bivariate data. A great lesson in why we should always graph our data first!

An Introduction to Fathom by Beth Chance, Allan Rossman, & Mary Mortlock

Mary et al. created a step-by-step Fathom tutorial for the INSPIRE program. Students are led through very basic activities that require no prior knowledge of Fathom. The activities teach them how to import and manipuate data in Fathom.

Univariate Data TI83+ Notes by Jill Abercrombie

Jill has written out the commands for describing univariate data on the TI83+. This includes how to reset your data without clearing your programs and how to intelligently re-size the graphics window.

Probability and Statistics through Game Shows by Matt Carlton & Mary Mortlock

Want a fun way to introduce probability topics? Try these seven in-class activities, all relating to television game shows (primarily The Price Is Right). This link will get you to classroom-ready activity packets for your classroom, as well as links with the solutions to the numerical questions.

Let Them Eat: Hypothesis Tests With Food by Mary Mortlock & Matt Carlton

After TV, every kid's favorite obsession is food. These classroom-ready packets allow you to introduce any of the hypothesis testing procedures from the AP syllabus with a food-related activity.

Template for Statistical Inference by Susan Small

With this one-page handout, students are drilled on including all the major parts of a confidence interval or hypothesis test: identifying the population & parameter, identifying the appropriate procedure, performing the calculations, and interpreting the results.

Table of Inference Procedures by Mary Mortlock

This three-page handout each major testing scenario, including formulas, conditions/assumptions, and TI instructions.

Double-Stuf Oreo activity by Marlys Brimmer

This great food-related activity gets students thinking about experimental design, active data collection, and non-standard hypothesis testing. If you're looking for more food-related activities (the kids love 'em), check out one of the links above.

Useful Internet sites

AP Central

Official website for the AP Statistics exam, presented by the College Board. The website includes the official syllabus, all previous free response questions (with solutions), interesting articles, and activities for after the AP exam.

AP Statistics Listserv

This is the AP Statistics listserv archive. Basically, it’s a discussion board for high school and college statistics teachers around the country. You don’t need to join the list to read the messages. If you want to send a message or reply to someone’s question, you will need to sign up, but that’s a really easy process.

CAUSE (Consortium for the Advancement of Undergraduate Statistics Education)

Check out the resources link!

ARTIST (Assessment Resource Tools for Improving Statistical Thinking)

The name says it all.

Al Coons' AP Statistics Page

Al Coons, a teacher at BB&N School in Massachusetts, has made innumerable resources available free to all statistics teachers through his school’s website.

Beth Chance's Applets

Beth Chance and Allan Rossman, with the help of some local programmers, have created a library of applets to demonstrate concepts in probability and statistics. The applets for sampling distributions are especially helpful for students grappling with this most difficult topic!

Steve Rein's Regression Applet

Less flexible but easier to use than the applets above, Steve's regression demo allows you to manipulate points in a scatter plot and see the effect on both the correlation coefficient and the least squares regression line.

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