Brief Background

I am a Southern California native and graduated from CSU Northridge with a BA degree in math. After finishing at CSUN, I drove from LA to Raleigh to attend the graduate program at NC State University in the Dept. of Statistics. While at NCSU, I completed my Master's and Ph.D. degrees in statistics. Also while at NCSU, I became a very ardent and loyal Wolfpack fan! After completing the Ph.D. in July 2003, I returned to California and began work as a professor in the Dept. of Statistics at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

My family and I attend New Life Community Church in Pismo Beach. I have the honor of serving as faculty advisor for EPIC SLO, the Asian American ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ. You can find out more about my Christian background at Meet the Prof.

My research interests fall broadly under the category of biostatistics, but specifically under the categorical data analysis of clinical trials. Curious about what that stuff is? ... Then drop by my office to find out!

For fun, I love playing basketball and I also enjoy mountain biking. Since the Central Coast is filled with incredible trails, it's been difficult to come up with good excuses to keep my bike at home. I also enjoy practicing the classical guitar and cooking (especially Japanese food). With these last two items, I've found my main road to progress has been through lots of practice and learning from lots of mistakes!

If you are a student, I think you too will find that your progress in a subject like statistics often comes after lots of practice and after making plenty of mistakes. If you are studying statistics, even if you don't find it to be your favorite subject, don't make the mistake of suffering through the subject alone. Take advantage of the resources around you by talking with your classmates and/or joining study groups.

And, especially if you're one of my students, don't ever hesitate to come by my office. It is perfectly okay to come by and ask "I don't understand this topic, can you explain it once again?" or "I can't get started on this homework problem, could you give me a hint?". Keep in mind that I will not do your homework problems for you, but I would be happy to lead you in the right direction. Of course, if you wanted to drop by the office just to say "hi", that is just as welcome too!

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