Jay Devore, Nick Farnum, and Jimmy Doi
Applied Statistics for Engineers and Scientists
(3rd ed.)
Cengage, Belmont, CA, 2013.

Research Papers:

  • Doi, J., Potter, G., Wong, J., Alcaraz, A., and Chi, P. (2016) “Web Application Teaching Tools for Statistics Using R and Shiny”. Technology Innovations in Statistics Education, 9(1). (Link for PDF)

  • Schilling, M., and Doi, J. (2014) “A Coverage Probability Approach to Finding an Optimal Binomial Confidence Procedure”. The American Statistician, 68, 133–145. (Link for online access)

    The LCO algorithm (written in R) and an archive of LCO confidence intervals can be found here

      Shiny app for LCO CI Generator                 Shiny app files at GitHub Gist

  • Berner, L., Becker, G., Wise, M., and Doi, J. (2013) “Characterization of Dietary Protein among Older Adults in the United States: Amount, Animal Sources, and Meal Patterns”. Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, 113, 809–815

  • Ohyama, T., Doi, J., and Yanagawa, T. (2008) “Estimating Population Characteristics by Incorporating Prior Values in Stratified Random Sampling/Ranked Set Sampling”. Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 138, 4021–4032.

  • Curtzwiler, G, Singh, J., Miltz, J., Doi, J., and Vorst, K. (2008) “Characterization and Compression Properties of Injection Molded Carbon Nanotube Composites”. Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 109, 218–225

Research Topics:



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