Let Them Eat: Hypothesis Tests With Food

Mary Mortlock & Matt Carlton

Cal Poly State University - San Luis Obispo

Each handout packet provides class-ready materials for a food-related statistics activity. The table below indicates which hypothesis test goes with each activity. To download the handouts, click on the name of the activity. All handouts are in MSWord (.doc) format, so that teachers may modify the worhsheets for their own use.

Hypothesis Test Food-Related Activity
One-sample test - proportion Cola Taste Test
One-sample test - mean M&M Weights
Paired test - mean of the differences Catching Tic-Tacs
Two-sample test - difference of proportions Gummi Worm Ethnicity
Two-sample test - difference of means Weight of Coke v. Diet Coke
Chi-squared test - goodness of fit M&M Colors
Chi-squared test - independence Tootsie Pop Wrappers
Linear regression (longer activity) Tootsie Pops & Hand Span

Additionally, we have made a Quick Reference Sheet of each major testing scenario, including formulas, conditions/assumptions, and TI instructions.