Some Truly Olympic Activities

Mary Mortlock, The Harker School

Matt Carlton, Cal Poly State University

Presented at NCTM in Washington DC, April 2009

The handouts below give students practice with descriptive statistics, regression, and hypothesis testing based on data from the Olympic Games and from in-class "athletic" activities.

Main Handout Packets #1 and #2 Olympic swimming (data collection from the Internet, descriptive statistics, comparing distributions, exploring box plots), Men's marathon (descriptive regression, including scatter plots, interpolation versus extrapolation, and interpreting the slope), and the Statistics Olympics (in-class data collection, hypothesis testing galore; this packet includes guidelines for hypothesis testing, Mary & Matt's data, and partial solutions for teachers)

Data from NCTM workshop (Excel .xls format)

Bonus material: Hypothesis Test Guidelines

Bonus material: Regression Inference main concepts, teaching tips, in-class and on-line activities to practice inference in regression

Bonus material: Quick Reference Guide for Inference Procedures

Plus, here's an article on marathon times with a bonus discussion about the folly of (three-dimensional) pie charts!

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